Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heritage buildings to go in Wellington?

I say no to most, we need to be proactive about saving our heritage. Incentives can be offered and the Government needs to take a proactive role in working with the insurance industry to ensure that premiums are affordable.


  1. This is a situation where government at both the local and national level can exert major influence without spending additional public funds. Since assumedly both the national and local governments spend considerable amounts on their own insurance coverage, simply limit the prospective insurers to companies that provide reasonably priced coverage to owners of heritage properties. For fear of losing the opportunity to sell policies to public entities they'll find a way to adjust their rates for heritage buildings.
    Donovan Rypkema, Washington, DC

    1. Thanks for the advice Donovan, the insurance companies definitely hold the key to preseving our stock, the question will be whether there is political will to work with them in the way that you suggest. NZ is also of course at a disadvantage as a small country in a very big market.