Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another attack from The DomPost on Council

Yet another attack from The DomPost on WCC, using the same three examples to show incompetence. In response, I have never dithered over the flyover. I'm opposed (since 2006 when formally mooted) and don't apologise for this. As far as anyone is interested, this has been a matter of public record for some time.

Secondly, we of course knew that some jobs had been outsourced, I supported the outsourcing of the contract to do our recycling for example but did feel that councillors hadn't been kept fully informed by officials on the exact numbers. The expectation to keep us informed has now been clearly articulated to our new CEO.

In terms of the mayor's office refit, this is to some extent a media beat up. Any mayor should have an office suitable to their station, irrespective of who holds the job. Moving was of course going to cost money. Thanks to Celia however for thinking about ways to save money on the project.

The DomPost would do better than to constantly rely on three examples and sensationalist reporting (such as yesterday)for their content. Their job is to accurately and robustly analyse news of the day.

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