Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why the Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce survey needs to be read carefully

Businesses show a lack of confidence in the City Council? Why? Partly because of reporting on two issues - the mayoral office refit and the flyover debate. Firstly, I'm sure that Chamber members would expect the mayor's office to be suitable for someone of her station. Money will be saved, but it does need to be appropriate to meet various people in the community.

Secondly, why the concern over the flyover. When the Bypass went through Council in the 1990s, that was also a split vote, won on the casting vote of the then mayor Fran Wilde, what's the difference? Transport is always divisive.

Appreciate the Chamber is careful to highlight perception concerns, I'm sure Wellington business owners rely on better information than what is sometimes served up in the media.

We do need to remember that we are still in difficult economic times and the reason that Christchurch is getting so much attention is that they bore the effects of a terrible earthquake and Auckland as our biggest city has a lot of muscle. Amalgamation is not the silver bullet, Wellington just needs to be smarter about how we move forward. New ideas coming soon.

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