Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living Wage a must

Fine for councillors on six figure salaries to question whether low paid workers should be paid a living wage? Not from my perspective.

Yes, more work needs to be done on the implementation of the policy but the case is sound.

The suggestion that this is just a philosophical decision is pretty extraordinary. The moral case is clear, but so is the economic one. Higher wages for the most vulnerable are good for everyone.

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  1. Absolutely - I hope you can make sure that your whole Council keep faith with this when the costs etc are calculated (unlike Hamilton) - and not allow the opponents (Morrison etc) to poo poo it and talk about ratepayers objections etc - its time has come for both social and economic reasons - it pays for itself in loyalty, productivity increase, lower turnover, lower new trainee costs etc - and in increased demand - and it is a small step in reversing the appalling increase in wage inequality which neo liberalism has caused - deliberately