Sunday, July 13, 2014

Justice for rape victims? The Sunday Star Times gets it wrong

Today's editorial from The Sunday Star Times is particularly disappointing. Usually quite erudite and with sympathy for the victims of rape, it comes across as biased and harsh towards an alleged victim. The implied criticism of Jan Logie is also unfortunate.

We know quite a lot about rape now: one is that the vast majority of rapists are never tried and convicted so it is no surprise that a victim might not have confidence in our justice system. Furthermore, given the alleged attacker is protected by diplomatic immunity, the likelihood of a conviction will be particularly difficult. So, going public is one very brave way of potentially securing justice.

Rape victims rarely lie about their experiences so their stories should generally be listened to. The editorial should have acknowledged these points rather than implying that allegations have been made for political purposes only. The Sunday Star Times can do better than this.

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