Friday, January 21, 2011

How much heritage do we save?

Link above to the Council's media release with me as spokesperson on the granting of consent to demolish the old Settlement Restaurant in Willis Street. I'm happy that the correct procedure was followed in terms of the consent. The wider question relates to how many buildings/sites/trees we list in Wellington. This is a complex question that I want to explore further over the next few years. My view is that we do need to protect more of our precious heritage. Questions do need to be answered however include how much we can afford to put into saving these items, what priority it takes in terms of other issues like leaky homes, supporting our cultural capital status and so on and where the balance lies between letting the city grow whilst leaving traces of our past.

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  1. Hi Iona,
    one more thing that probably needs to be considered is, how good is the building in withstanding earthquakes. Perhaps building that are not well protected/designed to withstand earthquakes should give way to something more secure.

    Between heritage buildings and leaky homes, I would put more money on leaky homes, for the simple reason that leaky homes are always inhabited where heritage building may not be.