Monday, January 24, 2011

Never say never - car ban for the Golden Mile?

Interesting editorial in The Dominion Post today in response to suggestions that cars be banned from Courtenay Place and the Golden Mile. The editorial proclaims the place of cars on the Golden Mile (not online so no link, sorry) and the city in general.

The Dominion Post has given the car ban idea significant coverage including the endorsement of the ban of cars form the Golden Mile from former mayor of Wellington Kerry Prendergast and Sir Robert Jones (who also wants to ban public transport).

I think the issue is framed in quite conventional terms - asking whether there is a problem at all, the impact on retailers and the affect on surrounding streets.

Environmental considerations are not considered including the impact of the Emissions Trading Scheme on transport, increasing oil prices, the city's commitment to dramatically cut its greenhouse gas emissions, continuing investment in public transport and lastly, changing public attitudes to our cities should look and feel.

The argument is now about whether cars have a valid place in the city but how dominant they should be in the transport hierarchy.

Further debate on this topic will be necessary.

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