Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Wellington City Council supporting a culture of heavy drinking?

As usual, Richard Boock has written an intelligent opinion piece on the need for the rugby community to deal with the issue of alcohol advertising.

It might be a useful idea for Wellington City Council to think about whether it continues to strengthen the links between alcohol and sport and from there a culture of excessive drinking as Boock argues some in the rugby community do. The same week that we have funded the Sevens (more than happy to, but recognise the drinking and dressing up are more important to some than the rugby), we once again have a submission before us to debate supporting public place liquor bans. The submission will go to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee who are working on the Alcohol Reform Bill.

The irony is of course is that the Council often supports businesses and events (including sporting ones) where there is a culture of heavy drinking but then has put in place limited liquor bans which stops aw abiding people drinking peacefully in public places. I think there is a bit of inconsistent thinking going on here. Debate at Committee will be interesting.

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