Monday, October 13, 2014

What should we do with the Island Bay seawall?

Consultation is now open to look at what we do with part of the seawall destroyed by a storm last year. As a general rule, the Council would generally just fix this kind of damage. However, in this case, we have decided to do something different which is to run a collaborative consultation process with the community to look at a variety of options from joining the beach and park to repairing the wall.

For environmentalists, this is a genuinely difficult issue - do we try and save some of our heritage or do we try and make our coastline more resilient to climate change and improve the amenity of the area? Not this black and white of course but some genuinely difficult issues to grapple with. Over to the community now to have your say.

Next community meeting 14th October 6pm at the Baptist Church in Island Bay.

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