Sunday, June 16, 2013

Do you mind if your child is not smart?

A painfully honest essay today in The Sunday Star Times about a mother reconciling (or at least trying) to the fact that her daughter is not smart academically. The mother who writes anonymously talks about how she valued intelligence from a young age and struggles with the fact that her own daughter struggles at school.

Why is this essay potentially so difficult to read? Because I guess as parents that many of us hope that our children will succeed academically and in their career and feel quite a lot of pressure to see how children do well.

There may also be a feeling that failure reflects badly on us.

But of course academic success is not anywhere near as important as the child being happy and well-loved.

Photo courtesy of The Guardian


  1. Iona, there are three spelling mistakes / typos in the first para, including one in the title.

  2. Thanks for pointing out my typos, post written in a rush, corrected now. Glad to know that people still think spelling is important.