Friday, June 7, 2013

Super city trap? Yes, the option supported by WCC is almost as bad as Fran Wilde's supercity option

Yesterday's vote to support a one tier option for the metropolitan area of Wellington was a little disappointing. The person who said that the one tier option is a trap is correct. WCC has now been corralled into supporting change to some extent by conceding that a supercity model might work. The public perception will now be that WCC wants change.

The wording on the paper however was helfpul. It tried to make clear that the one tier option (29 councillors but not including the Wairarapa) should be the alternative option that the Local Government Comission considers. The paper was also clear that any decision should be made by a poll, not the politicians or the Commission.

Just a note that the reporting from The Dominion Post was incorrect. Three councillors opposed the one tier option, not two: myself and two other councillors.

Thanks to my colleagues who voted for my amendment to support Wairarapa's push for independence. This went through with only two councillors opposing.

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