Thursday, August 21, 2014

New office building for the waterfront, unfortunately, the debate continues and continues

Another debate on whether we should allow commercial office space on the waterfront today. I have consistently opposed this sort of development but unfortunately was not supported by my colleagues except for a few.

The commercial arrangements will be debated next week at full Council.

Photo courtesy of Wellington City Council

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  1. You're probably being opposed because these types of developments are what keeps a city's waterfront vibrant and enjoyable (as well as parks and green spaces which we already have plenty of).

    I presume you were involved with the building being scaled back and losing its PUBLIC rooftop development all because it was a measly 3 metres above the allowed height of 22m? Such a shame. I don't know if you did any research on the success and overall city showcasing ability that rooftop venues have but this would have been a very positive (and first of it's type) development in our city.

    It's people with opinions like yours and the whole Waterfront Watch brigade that are holding our city back and turning it into a backwards slum! Like our Prime Minister said, this city is dying because of lost opportunities like this.

    Anyway, enjoy your day and enjoy the last moments of that ugly motor-home car park opposite the equally ugly NZ post house (both of which Waterfront Watch considers to be Wellington's "Jewel" of the Crown").